The Centre For Mindfulness offers Accredited Life Coaching courses.

We also offer services tailored to your individual needs with combined packages of Reiki, Mindfulness Life Coaching courses and Restorative Yoga. 

mindfulness life coaching

Meditation & Mindfulness Course

Meditation and mindfulness practices bring multiple health benefits. These ancient spiritually rooted practices complement our well-being in numerous ways, promoting restful sleep and enabling a much deeper connection with mind and body which  strengthens us mentally and physically. as we learn to integrate these approaches within our daily routine. This two day course is a truly empowering experience which will help students refine the art of meditation and mindfulness, providing students with a range of techniques with sound, guided meditations, simple mantras and affirmations. The course also includes some restorative yoga poses which assists with our mindfulness in many ways.

Mindfulness Life Coaching Course

We offer weekend and evening courses in Ewell to provide more flexibility for individuals who either have commitments during week days or weekends, or for individuals who prefer to learn at a slower pace. Alternatively we offer a more intensive one retreat style  residential course, within beautiful surroundings, with all meals and accommodation included in the price.  All training offers a wonderful prospect of a dual qualification in life coaching and mindfulness life coaching for anyone who is interested in becoming a formal coach with the acquisition of specialist skills. Mindfulness life coaching is a powerful and creative approach towards facilitating personal transformation with additional tools to assist the coach to achieve maximum benefits.

Mindfulness Life Coaching 1-2-1

Mindfulness life coaching is a valuable self investment and powerful modality to support inner guidance and personal transformation.  The blend of life coaching techniques and mindfulness practice allows deeper and meaningful connections to self, awakening the senses and stimulating our higher brain.  Jenny is a qualified and accredited master coach, her skills and qualifications in coaching have been assessed, verified and accredited by The International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring.

spiritual coaching

Spiritual Counselling

Jenny is a trained and experienced counsellor with a background in various therapies with both children and adults.  In addition to using an integrative approach spiritual counselling respects the importance of psychospiritual development with a focus on individual human experience as it relates to mind, body and soul. A free consultation is offered to all potential clients with a reduced rate for students.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a safe, gentle and powerful energy healing treatment which works on the whole body and is channelled through hands.  Treatments last for 45 minutes, with the first treatment being a little longer to include a 30 minute consultation.  Reiki targets healing where necessary and allows emotions to release often shifting us in the right direction.

Restorative Yoga

A wonderful gift to afford yourself is restorative yoga, a deeply relaxing, safe, gentle healing antidote for mind and body.  Whether you are recovering from illness or you just want to de-sress and maintain well-being this type of yoga is simply blissful and powerful. Postures open the body and allow tension to release deep from within,  helping our energy centre’s to de-congest and boost our immune system.  Our energy centres are known a Chakras these can become blocked in times of stress causing a number of health problems.  The postures are held for long periods in comfortable and supported positions which encourages deep relaxation, meditation and mindfulness.