Jenny Rowlands is a skilled facilitator.  When delivering training sessions she is knowledgeable, skilful and sensitive. She prepares thoroughly and delivers material at an appropriate pace. Jenny is alert to the concerns of the group and picks up on nuances and ‘atmosphere’. She responds to questions and queries especially carefully and clearly values each individual and his/her needs.Jenny has a relaxed yet professional approach. She introduces humour when needed and engenders a supportive and rich learning environment. Overall, Jenny’s experience makes her a facilitator/trainer in whom people have confidence – so we can all relax and know that the session is in the best possible hands! Catherine – Senior Lecturer & Practice Learning Manager. School of Social Work.  Kingston University (2015)

I have known Jenny on a professional basis for a number of years from working with different Local Authorities.  Jenny has a wealth of knowledge and experience and she is always keen to support staff at different levels, depending on need.  As a manager and supervisor, she has been able to take on the understanding of new developments and pass this information on to us in a clear but concise way, so we are able to put the learning into practice on the frontline with staff. I would highly recommend Jenny working with any organisation in Social Care, in particular with Adult Social Care. Alison, Senior Practitioner.  Surrey County Council (2103) 

The mentoring and coaching support I received was invaluable and provided me with sound advice Jenny ce and guidance on my teaching performance. I was given comprehensive feedback that was constructive and helped me identify further areas for development. Jenny always made time for me, even when I know she was busy on other projects. This made all the difference to my teaching and gave me confidence’ Clare PGCE Student and Accreditation Team Lead

Prior to attending the sessions with Jenny, I had no experience of coaching so I relied entirely on Jenny’s explanation of the process and the different models in order to understand what I was supposed to be doing. I found Jenny to be clear in her explanations, which she supported with examples and theory. Jenny provided a safe, reflective space in order for me to engage in coaching and the learning process; she is an excellent coach and facilitator who achieves the balance between being approachable and friendly and conducting herself in a professional, experienced manner. Jenny’s passion for coaching is most definitely contagious and I would attend sessions run by her again without a second thought. LaurenSocial Worker – Vulnerable Children Team (2016) 

Jenny was responsible for setting up and delivering programmes for newly qualified social workers working within both Adults and Children’s Services.  These included workshops and coaching groups to support practitioners in their first year of practice.  She also ran support and mentoring groups for supervisors and managers.    She also worked with Kingston University and other local authorities to ensure that the programme and portfolio linked to professional development had met the required standards of the University and local authority. The clients appreciated her patience and support, several saying that without the programme they might have given up. Marion (Retired Professional Qualifications Team Manager Surrey) 2012

Jenny is a registered social worker, a qualified Practice Educator, Coach and Professional Mentor who has an extensive knowledge of working with Adults and Children’s Services in Surrey and various London Boroughs. She holds an MA in professional education and training in human services PETHS in (Social Work) Practice Education.  Jenny is a skilled, flexible, approachable, consummate professional who is always willing to go ‘the extra mile’ with everyone she works with. She is a London lead in working with newly qualified professionals and has extensively helped to build the successful Merton ASYE scheme over these last 9 months (having previously worked for 12 months with our NQSWs on the former CWDC scheme and primarily in a coaching role).  Jenny has proven to be adept in coaching our staff and working with their assessors/line managers and with senior managers who manage and shape the scheme (including myself).  She has excellent time management, project management and writing skills and is able to deliver high quality, work with the and work to very strict deadlines. 

Jenny is extremely knowledgeable about the outcome based performance and informs the holistic assessments staff and newly qualified professionals. 

In the process of gathering information for her NQSWs assessment reports Jenny has held thorough pre-assessment meetings with the NQSW and their assessors.  These three way meetings have proved to be a useful tool in creating ‘space’ for the NQSW (and their assessor) to critically reflect on their development. Jenny is able to work with individuals, small groups and large groups and is a skilled facilitator, mentor and coach who intuitively knows how to work alongside others. She is qualified as an Action Learning Facilitator and regularly uses these skills in our NQSW Action Learning Sets.  Jenny is equally good in the one to one mentoring sessions she has held with our NQSWs.  Finally Jenny has been a useful ‘critical friend’ for me, helping me to reflect upon, and improve, the Merton ASYE scheme and my management of this. Paul -Practice Development and Learning Officer (Children’s Social Care, 2011) 

The coaching provided a space to organise my thoughts and think logically about the direction I want to take my career given my childcare limitations.The coaching then enabled me to explore my career goal options at this time and longer term and consider how I may achieve these and which goals I can achieve now. This gave me the confidence to research and apply for a course which will enable me to develop my career further and I have been able to successfully secure a course place.I also used the coaching to explore relationships with family members recognise why these relationships have become difficult, what I wanted these relationships to be in the future and the steps I need to take to achieve this.The coaching sessions enabled me to recognise my role and responsibility in resolving both my personal and career dilemmas. I found the experience very beneficial and it has enabled me to take positive steps both personally and professionally. Claire Charity Manager 2014

Thank you for helping me on my journey, I have honestly got so much out of the coaching and cannot thank you enough’ Holly – Aged 25- parent & aspiring photographer (2017) 

New to coaching, Jenny highlighted to me what was possible. She is a gifted practitioner, with a wealth of knowledge to share and someone that really values and cares about what she brings to her practise. She creates an environment where you feel ambitions can absolutely become a reality. Sara, Weybridge – Fellow Coach (2017) 

Thank you for supporting me through coaching to get me through a challenging time and to do what I needed to pass the programme.  I hope you know that the work you do is ‘amazing’ – David Newly Qualified Professional (2016) 

Jenny was commissioned to coach me as part of my appraisal and on-going development as a professional supervisor.  The main goal for me to work on was my ‘confidence’ specifically in relation to supervising staff.  After 2 sessions with Jenny I realised that I was competent to do the job after exploration of my core skills and many years as an experience practitioner.  This was what I needed to accomplish my goal. Collin (Supervisor – Mental Health Services, 2013) 

I was lucky enough to have Jenny as a tutor for 2 years and she also offered me personal coaching to deal with the multiple demands in my life.  Her kind, sensitive, sincere and empathetic approach was the help I required to succeed and helped me progress in my career.  I am now a manager and I truly believe that Jenny’s coaching contributed to my success overall and helped me to stay focused.  Mandy Hospital Duty Manager and Social Worker (April 2018) 

I have known and worked with Jenny for over 2 years. She has a huge range of skills and talents as a coach, counsellor and therapist. Her mindfulness coaching has helped me through a recent crossroad. She offered me insightful, gentle, positive and extremely useful advice using the mindfulness cards. The cards helped me look at four very different aspects of my life and I felt much clearer and more confident about my path. The mindfulness cards are light to use, I really like the design and light hearted simple pictures. Jenny’s wise and calming presence made for a soothing and enjoyable session. 
Jenny is a really experienced and natural teacher, a generous and beautiful soul, if you get a chance to work with her, do. Gru Rayner May 2018

Jenny and I were at school today 30 years ago.  Our paths crossed again during the summer of 2016 and we have since provided mutual coaching to one another.  I would happily recommend Jenny to anyone who wishes to progress in their life, whether spiritually, professionally or on a personal level.  Jenny has accomplished a great deal in her own life, with a career that has gone from strength to strength. As a certified coach, I am able to recognise the qualities in Jenny, which make her an exceptional coach.  I regard Jenny as someone with a diverse range of talents.  I have often told her that she is a natural healer, teacher and spiritual coach.  I am confident that one day she will make a great author, who will influence many through her mindfulness coaching. Anne Whittaker – Leadership Coach and Spiritual Counsellor (May 2018) 

Jenny undertook a major project in 2012.  The project involved coaching a number of professional leads who were working within learning and development services.  The primary goal and objective was for Jenny to provide the individual coaching necessary to equip these managers to build confidence and leadership skills in support of social care teams for meeting organisation objectives and capabilities.   The job involved working with 7 local authorities and voluntary agencies within social care across South East London.  This required a lot of forward planning and skilled coaching from Jenny.  The project was successful and met the primary targets.  Jenny supported our social workers and social work leads to reflect on the impact of their practice on service users and to understand how they needed to have emotional resilience to support them through what is a challenging yet rewarding profession, their feedback and that from their managers was highly supportive of Jenny’s work and contributed to improved performance across all of the partnership agencies. Jennifer Orgill – Freelance Social Work Lead and former Lead within Lambeth Learning and Development Team. May 2018